Studies have shown that up to 50% of heat loss in dwellings is due to air escaping and uninhibited ventilation. The climate in Ireland is not susceptible to extremes in low temperatures, however, we are open elements such as extremes in wind pressure. Sealing with low cost sealants can resolve some of the issues relating to air leakage, evaluating to 20% savings in the annual heating bill. Air Tightness Testing delivers a blower door testing service to both new and existing dwellings.

Air Tightness Testing

  • Under revised building regulations which came into force in January 2008, air tightness testing is mandatory for all dwellings
  • An air tightness test is used to govern the amount of air flow output through cracks in the structure of a dwelling
  • A high air flow output can result in the loss of heat in a building

What are the Benefits?

  • Helps developers and householders demonstrate compliance with the higher levels of energy conservation required under the Building Regulations 2011 Part L Technical Guidance Document
  • Entitles the air testing company to use its NSAI registration number in business transactions
  • Lists the company on the NSAI-maintained Directory of Registered Air Tightness Testers
  • Provides independent reassurance to customers of the reliability of the air testing company